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UNORTHODOX (The Good Words Podcast) 

This episode celebrates Autism Acceptance Month with the word, "unorthodox." Miss Lynn talks with family therapist Bonnie Witmer about feeling out-of-place among her 5th grade classmates in, "Do Over: The Lunch Box," and discusses making unconventional theater with Yellow Finch Project creators Tara O'Boyle and Patrick Denny. The episode concludes with autistic poet Benjamin Giroux reading his poem, "I am odd, I am new." 

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EDIFYING (encore) 

In this episode, specially updated in spring 2020 with content related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Miss Lynn talks about, "edifying." Includes recurring segments, "Ads that Subtract," "Say What?!?" about the expression, "A rising tide lifts all boats," and a "Do Over" discussion with family therapist Emily King about, "The Special School." The episode concludes with the song, "I Contact." Complete show notes for this episode are available at https://www.patreon.com/posts/35340687.

COMESTIBLE (The Good Words Podcast) 

Food is front and center as Miss Lynn takes a look at the word, "comestible"! Includes a discussion of the phrase, "Don't yuck someone else's yum," 15-year old Nathaniel's experience living with food allergies, and some funny foodstuffs in, "GET IT?!?!?" The episode concludes with Miss Lynn's song, "Sweet Treat."

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OBSTREPEROUS (The Good Words Podcast) 

The Good Words Podcast celebrates Women's History Month with the word, "obstreperous"! Host Lynn Hickernell explains how activists, like suffragette Christabel Pankhurst, were forced to break rules in order to get women the vote. Host of new Kids Listen podcast "Activist, You!" Lindz Amer tells about why modern-day activists like Greta Thunberg need to be uncooperative, and family therapist Bonnie Witmer helps think about how to cope with an unruly little brother in a "Do Over" called, "The Board Game." The episode concludes with Stephanie Pepper's poem about some obstreperous felines, "Catfight."

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ULTRACREPIDARIAN (The Good Words Podcast) 

In this first episode of the third series, host Lynn Hickernell discusses the word, "ultracrepidarian." Includes a passage from Charles Dickens's Nicholas Nickleby, "Do Over" about The Doctor (featuring Book Club for Kids host Kitty Felde), "Embrace Vulnerability," and "GET IT?!?!?" Concludes with a new adaptation of the Alexander Pushkin poem, "The Shoemaker," read by What If World's Eric O'Keeffe.

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GWP presents: [hindsight is so 2020] - the blogcast 

The Good Words Podcast returns with series 3 in one week!  In the meantime, here is a preview of another of Miss Lynn's projects during the GWP hiatus.  She has launched a new blog, Hindsight is so 2020, with select posts also available in audio format, or as a "blogcast."  Here is the first of these.  Enjoy!   Find the post from which this episode was taken can be found here: https://hindsightisso2020.net/blog/older-but-wiser

UPROARIOUS (encore) 

In this bonus "earpetizer" of The Good Words Podcast (originally released in 2019), host Lynn Hickernell features an excerpt from Dickens's A Christmas Carol, the poem "The Bells of Shandon" by Francis Sylvester Mahony read by Una Clancy, and a special listener-submitted edition of, "GET IT?!?!?"

Complete episode notes are available at https://www.patreon.com/posts/24358519/.


Host Lynn Hickernell welcomes the new year with a Kids Listen Sweeps episode of the Good Words Podcast about the word, "retrospective." Featured in this bonus episode: a "Say What?!?" segment about the expression, "Hindsight is 20/20," a poem by Emily Dickinson, a reprise of favorite jokes from past episodes, and, "Clear," from Miss Lynn's song cycle, "Bottle Builder."   Show notes for this episode at https://www.patreon.com/posts/33064563.


In this bonus episode, host Lynn Hickernell explains the word, "preposterous" with a true story from the Kids Listen podcast, "The Past and the Curious" about meat falling from the sky, some extremely ridiculous riddles in, "GET IT?!?!?" and the Edward Lear poem, "The Table and the Chair."   Complete show notes are available at https://www.patreon.com/posts/32408468