TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA (The Good Words Podcast)

This episode centers around the fear of the number 13, "triskaidekaphobia."  Host Lynn Hickernell discusses this phenomenon, and other superstitions and phobias, with an excerpt from the Kids Listen podcast, "Unspookable," a "Say What?!?" segment about the expression, "Break a leg," a "Do Over" with family therapist Emily King about "The Dress Shoes," and regular segment, "GET IT?!?!?"  The episode concludes with the poem, "The Supper Superstition" by Thomas Hood, read by "Just Us Weirdos" creator and host, Charlie White.  


More background information on "Break a leg" 

More about the superstition about putting shoes on a table 

 Unspookable is a family-friendly look at the histories and mysteries behind your favorite scary stories, myths and urban legends. 

 Just Us Weirdos is a podcast for kids that tells the story of a group of pre-teens from Quadropolis who have unusual superpowers. 

Closing poem: 

"The Supper Superstition" by Thomas Hood 

(music is "Underworld" by Myuu) 

    "Oh flesh, flesh, how art thou fishified!" - MERCUTIO 

    'Twas twelve o'clock by Chelsea chimes,  
   When all in hungry trim,  
   Good Mister Jupp sat down to sup  
   With wife, and Kate, and Jim. 

    Said he, "Upon this dainty cod  
   How bravely I shall sup" -  
   When, whiter than the tablecloth,  
   A GHOST came rising up! 

    "O father dear, O mother dear,  
   Dear Kate, and brother Jim -  
   You know when some one went to sea -  
   Don't cry - but I am him!" 

    "You hope some day with fond embrace  
   To greet your absent Jack,  
   But oh, I am come here to say  
   I'm never coming back!" 

    "From Alexandria we set sail,  
   With corn, and oil, and figs,  
   But steering 'too much Sow,' we struck  
   Upon the Sow and Pigs!" 

    "The ship we pumped till we could see  
   Old England from the tops;  
   When down she went with all our hands,  
   Right in the Channel's Chops." 

    "But oh, my spirit cannot rest  
   In Davy Jones's sod,  
   Till I've appeared to you and said -  
   Don't sup on that 'ere Cod!" 

    "You live on land, and little think  
   What passes in the sea;  
   Last Sunday week, at 2 P.M.,  
   That Cod was picking me!" 

    "Those oysters, too, that look so plump,  
   And seem so nicely done,  
   They put my corpse in many shells,  
   Instead of only one." 

    "Oh, do not eat those oysters then,  
   And do not touch the shrimps;  
   When I was in my briny grave,  
   They sucked my blood like imps!" 

    "Don't eat what brutes would never eat,  
   The brutes I used to pat,  
   They'll know the smell they used to smell,  
   Just try the dog and cat!" 

    The spirit fled - they wept his fate,  
   And cried, Alack, alack!  
   At last up started brother Jim,  
   "Let's try if Jack, was Jack!" 

    They called the Dog, they called the Cat,  
   And little Kitten too,  
   And down they put the Cod and sauce,  
   To see what brutes would do. 

    Old Tray licked all the oysters up,  
   Puss never stood at crimps,  
   But munched the Cod - and little Kit  
   Quite feasted on the shrimps! 

    The thing was odd, and minus Cod  
   And sauce, they stood like posts;  
   Oh, prudent folks, for fear of hoax,  
   Put no belief in Ghosts!


TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA episode transcript

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