MEMENTO (The Good Words Podcast)

In this episode of the Good Words Podcast, host Lynn Hickernell expounds on the word, "memento" in a "Say What?!?" segment about the phrases, "Mind like a steel trap/sieve," and "One man's trash is another man's treasure," an excerpt from the poem, "Mementos" by Charlotte Brontë, and the song, "Sunsphere" by Sean McCollough (featuring Molly Ledford.)  Also includes recurring segment, "GET IT?!?!?"




Here is a picture of the memento of the Taj Mahal that my friend mentions in the episode: 

Charlotte Brontë's poem, "Mementos" on 

Charlotte Brontë's poem, "Mementos" read for Librivox by Libby Gohn 

Music accompanying "Mementos" - "Wistful Harp" by Andrew Huang 

Molly Ledford's current project:  "Puppet Time Machine Theatre" 

Sean McCollough's website, with links to his new CD, "Earworm"


MEMENTO episode transcript

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