ULTRACREPIDARIAN (The Good Words Podcast)

In this first episode of the third series, host Lynn Hickernell discusses the word, "ultracrepidarian." Includes a passage from Charles Dickens's Nicholas Nickleby, "Do Over" about The Doctor (featuring Book Club for Kids host Kitty Felde), "Embrace Vulnerability," and "GET IT?!?!?" Concludes with a new adaptation of the Alexander Pushkin poem, "The Shoemaker," read by What If World's Eric O'Keeffe.


Kids Listen members Kitty Felde and Eric O'Keeffe helped out a lot with this episode!  Make sure and check out Mr. Eric's What If World, and Kitty's Book Club for Kids and The Fina Mendoza Mysteries (one of Miss Lynn's favorite new podcasts of 2019)! 

More about the Latin expression ("Sutor, ne ultra crepidam") from which this word arose on Wikipedia 

Nicholas Nickleby passage about Mr. Squeers on Gutenberg.org 

Nicholas Nickleby passage on Librivox (read by Czech Chris) 

Alexander Pushkin's poem, "The Shoemaker" in Russian 

English adaptation of Pushkin's poem (by Lynn Hickernell), as heard on The Good Words Podcast: 

(music behind this poem in the episode:  Path to Follow by Jingle Punks) 

A cobbler observed while an artist was drawing,  
A shoe sketched not quite to his expert inspection,  
With stroke of a pencil, and speed that was awing,  
She fixed it, yet still he continued correction,  
"The face is misshapen, and you should amend  
The attire on the torso, and make it much looser . . . "  
The artist exploded, her patience at end,  
"I think you'd be best if you stuck to your shoes, sir!" 

I know one who like that shoemaker does speak,  
(An expert at nothing, with much to critique),  
Though no one asks, he'll plenteously put their  
Selves and efforts down, no blush in his cheek.  
Perhaps his opinions should stick to their footwear!

(English text ©2020 Lynn Hickernell)


ULTRACREPIDARIAN episode transcript

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