COMESTIBLE (The Good Words Podcast)

Food is front and center as Miss Lynn takes a look at the word, "comestible"! Includes a discussion of the phrase, "Don't yuck someone else's yum," 15-year old Nathaniel's experience living with food allergies, and some funny foodstuffs in, "GET IT?!?!?" The episode concludes with Miss Lynn's song, "Sweet Treat."


Learn more about these comestible-related idioms (at The Phrase Finder):

My cup of tea 

Salad Days 

In a pickle 

Cut the mustard 

Say, "Cheese!" 


I don't reference this directly in the episode, but here is a list (for adults) of kids' books on the topic of embracing food from different cultures and not portraying some as "normal" and others as "weird": 

Don’t Yuck My Yum: Kids Books That Dismantle Orientalism & Food Shaming 


There is a lot more great information about food allergies on the website for FARE:  Food Allergy Research & Education


Learn all about food and eating in these episodes of the Kids Listen podcast, "But Why": 

"Why is sugar bad for you?"

"How do we taste food?"


COMESTIBLE episode transcript

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