Host Lynn Hickernell welcomes the new year with a Kids Listen Sweeps episode of the Good Words Podcast about the word, "retrospective." Featured in this bonus episode: a "Say What?!?" segment about the expression, "Hindsight is 20/20," a poem by Emily Dickinson, a reprise of favorite jokes from past episodes, and, "Clear," from Miss Lynn's song cycle, "Bottle Builder.".


"This was in the white of the year" by Emily Dickinson 

(read in this episode by Tara Bahna-Outman) 

 Tara Bahna-Outman on SoundCloud

This was in the white of the year,  
  That was in the green,  
Drifts were as difficult then to think  
  As daisies now to be seen.  
Looking back is best that is left,  
  Or if it be before,  
Retrospection is prospect's half,  
  Sometimes almost more. 


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RETROSPECTIVE episode transcript

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