APPROBATION (The Good Words Podcast)

In this final episode of the first series of the podcast, host Lynn Hickernell expounds on the word, "approbation."   It features a passage from Pride and Prejudice, Miss Lynn's recommendations for additional podcasts that have gained her approbation, the William Cowper poem, "The Nightingale and the Glow-Worm," and "GET IT?!?!?"  


The excerpt from Pride and Prejudice is taken from Chapter 10: 

"Mrs. Hurst sang with her sister, and while they were thus employed, Elizabeth could not help observing, as she turned over some music-books that lay on the instrument, how frequently Mr. Darcy's eyes were fixed on her. She hardly knew how to suppose that she could be an object of admiration to so great a man; and yet that he should look at her because he disliked her, was still more strange. She could only imagine, however, at last that she drew his notice because there was something more wrong and reprehensible, according to his ideas of right, than in any other person present. The supposition did not pain her. She liked him too little to care for his approbation." 

Miss Lynn's recommended podcasts:

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Closing poem:  "The Nightingale and the Glow-Worm" by William Cowper 

A Nightingale that all day long 
Had cheered the village with his song, 
Nor yet at eve his note suspended, 
Nor yet when eventide was ended, 
Began to feel, as well he might, 
The keen demands of appetite; 
When looking eagerly around, 
He spied, far off upon the ground, 
A something shining in the dark, 
And knew the glow-worm by his spark; 
So stooping down from hawthorn top, 
He thought to put him in his crop; 
The worm, aware of his intent, 
Harangued him thus right eloquent: 

'Did you admire my lamp,' quoth he, 
'As much as I your minstrelsy, 
You would abhor to do me wrong, 
As much as I to spoil your song, 
For 'twas the self-same power divine 
Taught you to sing, and me to shine, 
That you with music, I with light, 
Might beautify and cheer the night.' 
The songster heard his short oration, 
And warbling out his approbation, 
Released him, as my story tells, 
And found a supper somewhere else. 

Audio by Kara Shallenberg for Librivox


APPROBATION episode transcript

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