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In this bonus episode, host Lynn Hickernell uses leftover bits of previous episodes to explicate the word, "detritus."  Featuring excerpts from John Muir's The Yosemite, James Blish's "The Thing in the Attic," and quotations from Nick Offerman and Dwayne Johnson.


"And the winds, too, were singing in wild accord, playing on every tree and rock, surging against the huge brows and domes and outstanding battlements, deflected hither and thither and broken into a thousand cascading, roaring currents in the cañons, and low bass, drumming swirls in the hollows. And these again, reacting on the clouds, eroded immense cavernous spaces in their gray depths and swept forward the resulting detritus in ragged trains like the moraines of glaciers." 

-John Muir, The Yosemite 

The Yosemite on 

Audio of The Yosemite on Librivox 


"The Giants had returned to judge their handiwork. And the first of the people they would meet would be three outcasts, three condemned and degraded criminals, three jail-breakers--the worst possible detritus of the attic world." 

- James Blish, "The Thing in the Attic" 

"The Thing in the Attic" on 

Audio of "The Thing in the Attic" on Librivox 


Nick Offerman's interview with Men's Health 

(background music taken from Alicia Keys's "Diary") 

Nick Offerman interview with the AV Club 


Newsweek article featuring Dwayne Johnson's tweet (Warning:  Contains profanity) 

(background music taken from "Moana") 

Interview with Dwayne Johnson from Oprah's "Master Class" 


"Make Something New" by Miss Lynn on iTunes


DETRITUS episode transcript

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