OSTENTATIOUS (The Good Words Podcast)

Host Lynn Hickernell presents the word, "ostentatious," including an excerpt from Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad, "Say What?" about the phrase, "Dressed to the nines," and an overview of cosplay and historical costuming from contributor Glynnis. The episode concludes with Sean McCollough's song, "Rag Doll."


The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain on Gutenberg.org (Chapter 37) 

The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain on Librivox.org (reading by John Greenman) 

Numerous theories about the possible origins of the expression "Dressed to the nines" are at The Phrase Finder 

Here is Glynnis with Peter Davison, the actor who portrayed the Fifth Doctor in Doctor Who, and the "mash-up" costume that she describes in the episode: 

And for comparison, here is Peter Davison in the original costume of the Fifth Doctor: 

This is the second of her costumes that Glynnis describes in the episode, her Venetian gown (photo from The Long Run Designs): 

And here is one more of Glynnis's amazing costumes, which I would definitely describe as "ostentatious"!  (Photo by  st.photo.portrait on Instagram) 

You can see lots more photos of Glynnis's costumes on her Instagram: @shoesfirstthencorset

Find out more about Sean McCollough (who sings this episode's closing song, "Rag Doll") and his music at his website!


OSTENTATIOUS episode transcript

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