EPHEMERAL (The Good Words Podcast)

In this final episode of the Good Words Podcast, Miss Lynn discusses the word ephemeral with an explanation of the expression, "ships that pass in the night" and a passage from H.W. Longfellow, a "Do Over" about The Camp Friend, two poems by Stephanie Pepper and some jokes and riddles in GET IT?!?!?

Thanks to all the contributors to this episode:

Ari Kelly of At Your Level Leela of Newsy Pooloozi Grady of Cool Facts About Animals Eric O'Keeffe of What If World Dr. Chris Kukk Tara Bahna-Outman Stephanie Pepper

Stephanie Pepper's two poems that close the episode are: Beautiful Splinter A Singular Performance

You can find more information about the expression "ships that pass in the night" at these two links: https://knowyourphrase.com/ships-passing-in-the-night https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ships_that_pass_in_the_night


EPHEMERAL episode transcript

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