1. Good Body

From the recording Good Body (single)


I heard this funky groove
It made me want to move
I walked through the door
To the dance floor
Somebody said, "You haven't been here before,
"So let me make one thing perfectly clear:
Bodies like yours aren't welcome here."
[record scratch]
Wait a minute--what?!?!?

I didn't like the feeling that I didn't belong;
I had very little recourse but to write this song,
So welcome to *my* dance floor, where it's understood
Everybody's welcome, because every body's good.

Good good good, good good good,
Good good good, every body's good

If you roll in a chair
Or walk with a crutch
The way that you move
Doesn't matter very much
Even if your body
Doesn't move an awful lot
Just feel the rhythm
And move what you got


Slender bodies: all good
Large bodies: all good
Strong bodies: all good
Frail bodies: all good
Clumsy bodies
Graceful bodies
Young bodies
Old bodies
Small bodies
Tall bodies
Talkin' 'bout everybody's bodies

[chorus X2]

Doesn't matter what you wear sartorially
Or the shape that you are corporeally
If it's plain or if it's gaudy
If it's freckled, fair, or spotty,
If it's narrow or it's broad--
Yours is one good body.