1. Clap My Feet

From the recording Outside the Lines

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I feel so excited, I want to clap my feet
Makes want to stomp my hands and clap my feet
I'm so filled up with happy feeling
That it kind of leaves me reeling
Stretch my legs down to the ceiling
And clap my feet

I feel so excited, I want to jump up high
So far off the ground that I can almost fly
I feel so light, it seems to me
The earth below has set me free
Released the bonds of gravity
When I jump up high

I want to spin like a top
Want to spin 'til I drop
And the ground doesn't stop
But keeps spinning around me
So up and so down around me

I feel so excited, I want to shake my hair
Take my pigtails out and shake it everywhere
There just can be no denyin'
This feeling sets my tresses flyin'
Until I look just like a lion
And shake my hair
And stomp my hands
And clap my feet
And spin
'Til I drop