1. Two Words

From the recording Something New

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Let's play! Let's play a game
With two different words that sound just the same
I will tell you the meaning of each
And then we can see what conclusion you reach

A word that means the opposite of "heavy"
Is the first of the two words I'm thinking of
And the second word that sounds just like the first
Is the thing that shines down from the sun and
Moon and stars above

Well, I bet that you can guess it right
If you know that both those words are LIGHT

(repeat chorus)

The first word is a part of your body
You might see it if you're looking down
And the second's what you need if your car stops going
And you need some help to get it back to town
If you think about it, then I bet you know
That the first and the second words are TOE (TOW)

One covers windows up completely
One describes someone who can't see
Those two words are BLIND
One's a certain sort of something different from another
One means sweet and nice and loving like a dad or mother
Those two words are KIND
One's what you do with a string around a spool
One's what I did when I was mad and lost my cool
Those two words are WIND/WHINED
If you use your ears and you use your mind
How many pairs of two words can you find?

The first word is the answer that you reach
When you put together every clue
And the second is a word that means "The End,"
The place that you are when you've done all you can do
Well I doubt you'll have to think too long
To get the end of this puzzle and the end of this song
When you put it all together to reach a solution
You know that both those words are CONCLUSION!

I want to thank you for playing my game
With sets of two words that sound just the same
Now you can think of more pairs that you've heard
And teach someone else the game of Two Words!