1. I Did It

From the recording Something New


That big ol’ maple tree, covered all with branches,
Seemed to say, "You couldn't climb me if you had a million chances."
I thought it might be right
I felt a little queasy,
As I walked up to the trunk, I gulped and said, "This won't be easy . . . "

But I climbed a little at a time
I checked each branch and made a plan
Foot over foot, hand over hand . . .

Now look at me! Hurray! Yippee!
Just where I worked so hard to be—
At the top of the maple tree!

I just kept going
Although I felt a bit distressed
I know I'm growing,
When I try hard to do my best
And though it took some time—
Minute after minute . . .

Now it is done

And I'm so proud to say, "I did it!"
Though I am very young, it's true
There are a lot of things I can do
When I make up my mind, and stick to it
Then the chances are quite good I'm going to do it

On my first day of school
I felt so scared inside me
When I saw the room filled up with kids
I tried to run and hide me
Every one looked so weird
And no one there did know me
When I turned around, this girl came up
And said, "My name's Naomi . . . "
So I said, "Hi!" and winked my eye
Made up my mind that I would stay, and asked her if she'd like to play
Now the school year is at an end
I look around the room again, and it is all filled up with friends!

I wasn't always sure, I'm happy to admit it
But it is done, and I'm so proud to say

I did it!