1. Frankie's Song

From the recording Something New

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(click click click) What's that sound?
(click click click) Is it outside on the ground?
Or is it way up on the roof?
It's the sound of tippity tappity hooves . . .

I think it's Frankie . . . he's a sneaky pig!
He's cute and fuzzy and not so very big
He likes to hide
Over things or under things or even inside
You can ask yourself where he could be
Take a look around but you might not see him
He's Frankie
He's a sneaky pig

He's stealthy swine
He's pink and petite and perfectly porcine
Don't close your eyes
Or he might jump out and oink, Surprise!
His name is Frankie, he's up to hanky-panky
He's a very sneaky pig!