From the recording Still Learning

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Sometimes I wish I could be a little mouse
Just to live in a gingerbread house
I'd throw a party for all the other mice
And everything would smell of gingerbread spice
If any guest wanted something to eat
He could nibble the wall for a gingerbread treat
My gingerbread house wouldn't need much expanse
Just enough room for a gingerbread dance
So the little mice ladies and the little mice men
Could dance the Tarantella, then dance it again
And if dancing quarters got close, I guess
We'd enjoy some gingerbread coziness
What kind of house it should be I don't know
A gingerbread castle or bungalow
A snow-covered house in the shape of a bell
Or a gingerbread candle carousel?
A gingerbread stable, 'neath a gingerbread star
With gingerbread wise men who travel far
A giant gingerbread evergreen
We could all live in a gingerbread submarine
An advent calendar with lots of doors
An apartment over a gingerbread stores?
A clock, a pagoda, a gramophone
How could I choose which to call my own?
It's just as well that I'm not a mouse
But, oh, to live in a gingerbread house.