From the recording Still Learning

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Different Things Together

A rainbow is a wondrous thing I've seen
But instead of all the colors, what if rainbows were all green?
If rainbows had no red, no violet, yellow, orange or blue?
Would a rainbow be as beautiful as a solitary hue?
It seems to me it wouldn't be if it were a single band
For it's all the colors together that make rainbows so grand
It's the different things together
(Different things together)
The different things together
(Different things together)
Different things together
(Different things together)
That make rainbows grand.
Someone singing solo can sing a sweet song
But the singing sounds still sweeter when someone sings along
When the voices come together with the lows and the middles and the highs
You can hear how magical it is to harmonize
'Cause it's the different things together