1. A Bit Shy

From the recording Still Learning

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Feel a bit shy
But I thought I would try
To come say, "Hi"
Been watching you a while
You have such a nice smile
So I just thought I'll
Gather my courage and come up to you
Smile and ask, "How do you do?"
I guess it all depends if you'd like to make a friend that's new
That book you're holding, I loved a lot
And I really admire those shoes you've got
Something else caught my eye I was going to mention--I forgot
You can tell I'm not cool
I feel a little like a fool
If you can look past that, then you'll
See I'm curious and kind of smart
I love good words and all kinds of art
Some people think I'm witty, and I think I have a pretty good heart
It makes me nervous thinking what you might say
You might just turn and walk away
But I
Thought I least I could try . . .