From the recording Heroes and She-roes

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Under the trees
Feeling the breeze
Taking my ease
More lemonade, please
Then one of those unfortunate eventualities
As I begin . . . to sneeze
And wheeze
From allergies

What oh what oh what can I do do do?
It's getting worse with each a-choo choo choo!
I grabbed a tissue but I blew right through!
Need a hero to help me out, but who who who?
But who?

Captain Handkerchief
Zooms in like a rocket
Directly from my pocket
To save the day
I can safely blow away
Captain Handkerchief
Swoops in at the least suggestion
To battle my congestion
My hero
I just want to cheer, oh . . .
When his cape's no longer clean
Throw it in the wash machine
No matter what his color is, he's always green
He's super keen
Captain Handkerchief
Captain Handkerchief
If a stuffy nose has got you feeling cranky
Just give a shout and call on Captain Hanky
Captain Handkerchief