1. The Thread

From the recording Heroes and She-roes

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Sometimes all you have to hold on to
Is a solitary thread
When you feel the alligators snapping at your heels
And the screeches of banshees in your head
Sometimes it feels like you're all alone
And all your friends have gone
When you feel that dread, grab that thread
And just keep holding on.

Sometimes it seems like nothing
In this world works as it should
All of the forces forcing us around
For evil, not for good
Sometimes all you can grasp for
Is a string so thin you can't see
Even if you can't feel it, let me reveal
It's holding you to me.

When the forces of darkness are creeping
Into your heart and mind
Everyone you meet seems an enemy
Nowhere a face that's kind
Please, in those moments, remember
Even when you're not sure you know
Grab that one strand of rope, that sliver of hope
And please, don't let go
Because all of the while you are holding on
I'm holding to the other end
And when I despair, I know you're there
So just hold on, my friend
When I despair, I know you're there
So just hold on, my friend.