1. The Race

From the recording Heroes and She-roes

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We were playing in our forest fort
And decided we would like to have a snack
My friend thought that we should meander through the trees
Oh no, too slow for my hunger attack!
Instead, from this place, why don't we have a race?
If you want, go ahead on the path through the wood
But I will take the pavement, 'cause the road is smooth and good
You'll go over rocks and sticks and the brook
I think you'll be sorry for the path you took
I'll be the best and you'll be the worst
'Cause you will be last, and I will get there first!

I ran down the road just as hard as I could go,
And what do you know, I was right!
I polished off an apple and some crackers, too
And my friend was nowhere in sight!
When she emerged from the path through the woods
Her jacket almost hung to the ground
Her eyes were filled with glee as she said to me,
"Just look at all the treasure I found!"
She emptied her pockets out there on the steps
And I had to admit that it was cool,
A golden rock, a crystal, and a feather that was blue,
And some kind of old, rusty tool
She would take it all for show-and-tell when we went back to school . . .
She chose the path that went through the wood
And I chose the pavement, 'cause I thought I should,
She went over rocks and sticks and the brook
And I felt a little sorry for the path I took
I thought mine was the best, and hers was the worst
But she got all the treasure, and all I got was to get there first!