From the recording Heroes and She-roes

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Gigi said, "Oh, no--my dear and darling Beau . . . "
I really cannot hold my tongue--I have to let you know
That since you've not seen soap nor water for a real long time
It's obvious your ears have gotten clogged with grit and grime
And if you don't endeavor quickly just to clean them out,
Something's sure to start to sprout!"
And Beau said, "What?
"I'm sorry; what?"
He said, "Forgive me, Gigi--I can't quite hear . . .
There seems to be a-somethin' in my ear!"
Oh, dear!

Gigi started in to wailing, "My worst fears have come to pass!
Just stand right there so I can grab my magnifying glass . . .
Yes, indeed--we need to get you in that bath sooner than later
'Cause in this ear right here I fear you've got yourself a 'tater!
We've got no time to waste! Stand right there in all your clothes
I'll run around the back and grab the hose!
And Beau said, "What?
"Tarnation! What?"
She shouted, "Darling, let me make this clear:
You're growin' a 'tater in your ear!"

Gigi showered him and soaped him up to get rid of the dirt,
Employed a little tiny pickaxe, but was careful not to hurt 'im
Bits o' 'tater flew as she kept workin', just like a machine,
'Til at last, ol' Beau's ear was clean!
Beau said, "Yippee!
"Well, golly gee!
"Who knew the world was so full of sound?"
Then they started up to dance around
And on that spot, 'pon which they trod,
Next year, a-sproutin' through the sod
A patch of 'taters did appear
All thanks to Beau,
Because you know,
That he was growin' a 'tater in his ear!