From the recording Bottle Builder

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Every day the sun shines in southern California
Every day I'm in my Studebaker truck
I drive it over to the dump, and fill it up with
Every different kind of treasure
'Til it is all full up with treasure
That someone threw away
Can you imagine that?

One day I took a notion to build something different
I didn't have any money but I had an idea
So I went over to the dump, and found
Bottles--colored and clear
Glass bottles--brown and green and blue
Bottles--glistening in the sun
Can you imagine that?

When you're an old woman, you can do what you want to
People don't notice you and that's just fine
In eighty-two years, I have seen a lot of things but
No other buildings made of bottles but mine
I never had a million dollars
To tell the truth, sometimes I barely got one
Anyone could make anything with a million dollars
But takes more than money
To make something out of nothing
And I don't mind saying it's a lot more fun.
So every day folks come to see the things that I have made
People all call me "Grandma," and I don't mind
They pay a dime and look around at my village made of
Bottles--sun shining through the walls of
Bottles--and they realize they're really
Glistening in the sun
Can you imagine--
'Cause I imagined--
I took a notion to make something out of nothing--
And I imagined that!