1. Clear

From the recording Bottle Builder

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You looked through me to see what I held inside
I gave you a taste, and watched your eyes grow wide
I saw in them a happiness too obvious to hide
With joy that spread your grin from ear to ear
It was clear

You looked through me, as what I had got less
I thought you would restore me to my former fullness
You emptied me and dropped me into one gigantic mess
I was a fool to think you'd hold me dear
It was clear

I thought that you could see me, but you just saw what you wanted
All that you could take and take and take
Remembering your smiling face just leaves me haunted
I gave it all to please you; my mistake

I find myself, embarrassed and abashed
A miracle I haven't gotten smashed
In among the rest of all this stuff that has been -- trashed
You looked through me with eyes so cavalier
Discarded me and never shed a tear
But even though you threw me out, I didn't disappear
Though I may fear
I'll persevere
I am still here
That's clear