1. Amy's Song

From the recording Bottle Builder

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I don't understand
That "Grandma" made this place by hand
A spectacular display
Of empty things, thrown away
Worthless as a grain of sand

Is she foolish, or wise?
Perhaps she sees with different eyes
Maybe others look too fast
But the things they just look past
She sees treasure in disguise

Their eyes just look through
As though there's nothing I can do
But as I wheel around this place
Can't hide the smile across my face
'Cause I know that isn't true
I'll make something splendid, too


Fill me up
Fill me up with something new
Show me things that never crossed my mind before
And fill me up
With wonder and surprise
Make me laugh, and cry, and gasp, and shout and roar!
So much strange, terrific treasure
I just can't wait to see
So fill me up
Fill me up
And then someday something new will flow back out of me!
And then someday something so surprising
And then something so imaginative
Someday something wonderful
Will flow
Flow back out of