In this bonus episode, host Lynn Hickernell explains the word, "preposterous" with a true story from the Kids Listen podcast, "The Past and the Curious" about meat falling from the sky, some extremely ridiculous riddles in, "GET IT?!?!?" and the Edward Lear poem, "The Table and the Chair."


The story about the Meatshower originated in The Past and the Curious episode 32:  "Strange Things." 

You can buy the book Mick Sullivan wrote about the Meatshower direct from the publisher, Early Works Press! 

"The Table and the Chair" by Edward Lear (text on 

"The Table and the Chair" by Edward Lear (audio read by Adrian Praetzellis on Librivox

Background music for "The Table and the Chair":  "Toy Piano" by Wayne Jones 

"The Table and the Chair" by Edward Lear 

Said the Table to the Chair,  
"You can hardly be aware  
How I suffer from the heat  
And from chilblains on my feet.  
If we took a little walk,  
We might have a little talk;  
Pray let us take the air,"  
Said the Table to the Chair. 

Said the Chair unto the Table,  
"Now, you know we are not able:  
How foolishly you talk,  
When you know we cannot walk!"  
Said the Table with a sigh,  
"It can do no harm to try.  
I've as many legs as you:  
Why can't we walk on two?" 

So they both went slowly down,  
And walked about the town  
With a cheerful bumpy sound  
As they toddled round and round;  
And everybody cried,  
As they hastened to their side,  
"See! the Table and the Chair  
Have come out to take the air!" 

But in going down an alley,  
To a castle in a valley,  
They completely lost their way,  
And wandered all the day;  
Till, to see them safely back,  
They paid a Ducky-quack,  
And a Beetle, and a Mouse,  
Who took them to their house. 

Then they whispered to each other,  
"O delightful little brother,  
What a lovely walk we've taken!  
Let us dine on beans and bacon."  
So the Ducky and the leetle  
Browny-Mousy and the Beetle  
Dined, and danced upon their heads  
Till they toddled to their beds.


PREPOSTEROUS episode transcript

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