"In Concert" means "Together"

"In Concert" means "Together" promotional flyer

"IN CONCERT" means "together"--and a concert with Miss Lynn isn't something she can do by herself. It takes everyone singing, dancing, thinking and laughing together with her to make it a special concert event! This program mixes Miss Lynn's original musical storytelling with a few traditional songs, as we learn fancy music terminology like, PITCH, RHYTHM, TEMPO and DYNAMICS.  Our concert will last about 45-50 minutes, and is well-suited for grades K-2. 


An active body is as key to a healthy life as an active mind! In "Move Move Move," students will engage their bodies, hearts and imaginations. Including her original songs, "Clap My Feet," "Itty Bitty Nitty Gritty," and "Ready to Go," along with other original and traditional songs, Miss Lynn's musical storytelling is well-suited for young audiences in grades K-2. "Move Move Move" is easily adapted to indoor or outdoor settings, and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Energy Everywhere!

Energy Everywhere Promotional Flyer

From solar to chemical to potential to kinetic, energy is constantly changing forms around and through us every day! In "Energy Everywhere," kids in grades K-3 interact with Miss Lynn's original musical storytelling and traditional songs to examine the ways energy is everywhere in their own lives.

We Need a Hero!

"We Need a Hero!" promotional flyer

Miss Lynn punching with Hulk fistsEvery story has a problem--and who solves a problem?  A HERO!  In this concert with Miss Lynn, kids in grades K-2 listen, laugh, dance and sing, solve problems in her interactive musical stories, and talk and think about opportunities they have to be real-life heroes and she-roes!



Bottle Builder

Bottle Builder cover smallBeginning in 1959, "Grandma" Tressa Prisbrey took things no one wanted, and made something no one expected. In "Bottle Builder," students help Miss Lynn tell the true story of what she used and what she made in a unique participative concert. With themes of creativity, recycling, and value in things often overlooked, "Bottle Builder" is well-suited for elementary students in grades 2-5.  Presented in concert with other interactive Miss Lynn songs, this program lasts 45-50 minutes.

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