Still Learning

Miss Lynn
Lynn Hickernell




I plopped down on the floor with one thing to do

I would sit right there until I tied that shoe

I grabbed those laces and I really tried

But it all went loopy, and it wouldn't stay tied

My mom leaned over me and said, "I'd say

That's a big improvement over yesterday.

I know to do it perfect is your heart's dear yearning,

But just be patient; you're still learning."


Anyone anywhere who's done anything

Had to learn how to do it from the beginning

And in everything you do, just as far as I can tell

You have to do it poorly before you do it well

So try to relax, and give yourself a break

And take as much time as you need to take


I broke Mom's necklace, and I didn't feel proud

But she got real angry and she yelled real loud

She sent me upstairs to await my doom

Later came a knock on the door of my room

Her eyes looked as if she were about to cry

She said, "You made a mistake, but so did I.

I'm very sorry; now the tables turn--

In case you're wondering, I'm still learning."


I'm still learning

I'm still learning

I'm still learning

We're all still learning