Choose Your Shoes

Miss Lynn
Lynn Hickernell


Choose Your Shoes


When you are singing, "Rain, Rain, Go Away"

You must select the best costume for the day

And then before your outfit is complete

You must be sure not to forget your feet

Some flippy-flops, or dress-ups with heels so high

Just will not keep your tootsies warm and dry

Instead you'll want to yell, "Well, oh my gosh

Is there anything better than galoshes?"


You've got to choose wisely, choose carefully

When you choose your shoes

You've got to stop and think what your feet will need

So you'll know which ones to use.


When at the beach, your footwear should have some ease

So that your toes can feel all the salty breeze

Big cowboy boots or sneakers would be a scandal

You need instead a nice, light sandal!


(repeat chorus)


And when the day is through and it's time to rest

There's just one more footwear selection test

You might think hiking boots seem so much hipper

But with your PJs goes a comfy slipper!


(repeat chorus)