Outside the Lines

Miss Lynn
Lynn Hickernell


Outisde the Lines My aunt Delilah sent a box It had a bag of marbles and a pair of socks And underneath the peanut packing A picture book with something lacking No colors were inside Just exactly how the pictures looked was up to me to decide So I'm going to color outside the lines I think that that would suit me very very fine The pictures were so nice before I just think they need something more So I'm going to go explore Outside the lines I think I'll make this palm tree blue And top it with a top hat at the tip-top, too Then I think it would be neat-o To see that tree in a tuxedo For a fancy dance With multi-colored hobnail boots and polka-dotted pink pants I'm going to color outside the lines That is just exactly what I have in mind The pictures have no complication 'Til I provide some augmentation From my imagination Outside the lines My coloring book isn't bad It has been some of the most fun I've ever had But the images that's it's depicting Can be a little too restricting To the colors in my heart So I will get a pad of paper and I'll make a new start Drawing pictures outside the lines I'm going to make my own design Something that is just mine I have so many things today To think and draw and do and say Just in my own way Outside the lines Outside the lines Outside the lines