Miss Lynn
Lynn Hickernell


It all starts out with One grain of sand
An eensy weensy, teeny tiny bit
But you can't make much with One grain of sand
So you add about hundred thousand just like it
So to One grain of sand (with a hundred thousand others)
You add two chemicals, the Carbonate brothers
Take some NA-two, CO-three
(That's sodium carbonate to you and me)
Add some Calcium Carbonate and mix that in
You're just about ready for the process to begin
Take your conglomeration of Two carbonates and
About a hundred thousand times One grain of sand.

One sand, two carbonates, blend all of these
And heat them up to almost THREE THOUSAND DEGREES
So hot that the solids start to get all runny
Golden drips looking just like honey
Cut some off in an orange-hot blob
And the technical term for this is a "gob"
The gob falls into a mold, you see
Which determines what its ultimate shape will be
Have you guessed? Do you know what shape it will take?
Have you figured out just what it is that we make
At Three thousand degrees, with Two carbonates and
About a hundred thousand times One grain of sand?

So the gob's in the mold, and once it's there
The mold fills up with a blast of air
It blows and blows and blows and blows
And that molten hot gob just grows, and grows
And the mold falls away like an orange peel
Out of the way, at last to reveal
Impeccably smooth, no blemish or scar
Perfectly transparent, new glass jar
Empty, waiting, this jar is thrilled
At the prospect that soon it is going to be filled
If you want to know what happens, listen well
Because that is the story that I came here to tell
Will the jar be fulfilled or annihilated?
Where will the road lead that originated
With Three thousand degrees, two carbonates, and
All started out with One eensy-weensy,
One teeny tiny
One itty bitty
One nitty gritty
One very very small grain of sand.

Miss Lynn
Lynn Hickernell


Who will I be? What is waiting for me?
What will I be assigned? How will I be defined
In my identity? I cannot wait to see . . .
I don't know, but I am ready . . . so . . .

Fill me up (fill me up)
Fill me up with something good
From my bottom right up to the very top
Fill me up (fill me up)
With something irresistable
That will make all of those taste buds pop pop POP!
When what I've got slips through your lips,
Your smile just grows and grows . . .
So fill me up (fill me up)
Fill me up (fill me up)
Fill me up until the goodness in me overflows!

What will make my life complete? Will it be gooey, sticky, sweet?
Cloudy, clear, opaque?
If it's suave or picante, I don't mind--I only want a
Chance to give you something good, for goodness's sake!
Chunky, smooth, or creamy? Something fluffy would be dreamy . . .
Sour or umami--it will be so nom-nom-nom-y!
Something covered up with brine . . . almost anything is fine . . .
Just so long as it is mine . . . all mine . . .

Fill me up (fill me up)
Fill me up with something great
So delicious it brings tingles to your toes!
Just fill me up (fill me up)
Fill me up (fill me up)
Fill me up until the goodness in me
Up 'til the umami in me
Up until the greatness in me
O-ver, o-ver, o-ver


Miss Lynn
Lynn Hickernell


You looked through me to see what I held inside
I gave you a taste, and watched your eyes grow wide
I saw in them a happiness too obvious to hide
With joy that spread your grin from ear to ear
It was clear

You looked through me, as what I had got less
I thought you would restore me to my former fullness
You emptied me and dropped me into one gigantic mess
I was a fool to think you'd hold me dear
It was clear

I thought that you could see me, but you just saw what you wanted
All that you could take and take and take
Remembering your smiling face just leaves me haunted
I gave it all to please you; my mistake

I find myself, embarrassed and abashed
A miracle I haven't gotten smashed
In among the rest of all this stuff that has been -- trashed
You looked through me with eyes so cavalier
Discarded me and never shed a tear
But even though you threw me out, I didn't disappear
Though I may fear
I'll persevere
I am still here
That's clear

Miss Lynn
Lynn Hickernell


Every day the sun shines in southern California
Every day I'm in my Studebaker truck
I drive it over to the dump, and fill it up with
Every different kind of treasure
'Til it is all full up with treasure
That someone threw away
Can you imagine that?

One day I took a notion to build something different
I didn't have any money but I had an idea
So I went over to the dump, and found
Bottles--colored and clear
Glass bottles--brown and green and blue
Bottles--glistening in the sun
Can you imagine that?

When you're an old woman, you can do what you want to
People don't notice you and that's just fine
In eighty-two years, I have seen a lot of things but
No other buildings made of bottles but mine
I never had a million dollars
To tell the truth, sometimes I barely got one
Anyone could make anything with a million dollars
But takes more than money
To make something out of nothing
And I don't mind saying it's a lot more fun. 

So every day folks come to see the things that I have made
People all call me "Grandma," and I don't mind
They pay a dime and look around at my village made of
Bottles--sun shining through the walls of
Bottles--and they realize they're really
Glistening in the sun
Can you imagine--
'Cause I imagined--
I took a notion to make something out of nothing--
And I imagined that!

Miss Lynn
Lynn Hickernell


I don't understand
That "Grandma" made this place by hand
A spectacular display
Of empty things, thrown away
Worthless as a grain of sand

Is she foolish, or wise?
Perhaps she sees with different eyes
Maybe others look too fast
But the things they just look past
She sees treasure in disguise

Their eyes just look through
As though there's nothing I can do
But as I wheel around this place
Can't hide the smile across my face
'Cause I know that isn't true
I'll make something splendid, too

Fill me up (Fill me up)
Fill me up with something new
Show me things that never crossed my mind before
And fill me up (Fill me up)
With wonder and surprise
Make me laugh, and cry, and gasp, and shout and roar!
So much strange, terrific treasure
I just can't wait to see
So fill me up (fill me up)
Fill me up (fill me up)
And then someday something new will flow back out of me!
And then someday something so surprising
Something so imaginative
Someday something wonderful
Will flow
Flow back out of